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What is stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer (also known as gastric cancer), can first appear in the cells on the inside lining of the stomach (adenocarcinoma). The build up of the malignant cells at key locations produce the formation of tumors. Then the tumors may penetrate further into the stomach wall which can affect your organs that are in close proximity, such as the esophagus, liver, intestine, and pancreas. Adenocarcinoma is the #1 most common form of stomach cancer. Lymphoma is another type of stomach cancer that begins in the immune system tissue of the stomach wall and is very rare. Gastrointestinal Stomal Tumors (GIST) can appear anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract. It also is a rare form of stomach cancer that begins formation in the tissues which support our digestive organs.

What are the signs/symptoms of stomach cancer?

It is VERY important to pay close attention if you experience any of the following: the sudden feeling of fullness after eating just a little bit of food, pain and discomfort above your navel area, feeling more tired than usual (caused by anemia due to the bleeding in the lining of the stomach), regular darkening of your stools (which means blood is present and escaping due to the internal bleeding at the stomach walls, check tissue too after you wipe), skin looking pale (due to the anemia and jaundice, which the skin/eyes look yellow), frequent heartburn, slight nausea and vomiting sensations that may come & go at any time, no appetite, and major weight loss.

-Stomach Cancer Relief Network


What every pregnant woman needs to know

Sometimes a woman who is pregnant can mask the signs of stomach cancer due to similar symptoms. A lot of pregnant women take iron supplements in pill form and from liquid sources too while pregnant because iron helps your body make new blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the baby during pregnancy. While taking such supplements, your stools will become dark in color just like it does when blood is present in a stool, so be aware of this issue. Feeling weak and tired sometimes due to being pregnant is normal, but another similar sign of stomach cancer due to anemia. Morning sickness feelings that may come and go throughout a pregnancy can vary from person to person, but remember a person who has stomach cancer will also have these nausea episodes that come and go as well. Heartburn is another common pregnancy sign, but also another warning sign your body is alerting you to the possible presence of stomach cancer. Doctors will often confuse your complaint of heartburn and just perscribe some heartburn medication that won't do anything for you if you have stomach cancer.

-Stomach Cancer Relief Network

Stomach Cancer

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN)

Now we use a portion of our donations to help Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN) further research for stomach cancer.

Nevada Cancer Institute

In the past we used a portion of our donations to help the Nevada Cancer Institute further research for stomach cancer.

Debbie's Dream Foundation

We also give in kind donations to our friends over at Debbie's Dream Foundation which is a great organization dedicated to advancing funding for stomach cancer research, raising awareness about the disease, and providing education and support internationally for patients, families, and caregivers.

No Stomach For Cancer

We also give in kind donations to our friends over at No Stomach For Cancer which is another great organization advocating awareness and bringing a community of supporters together to help fight this deadly disease. A great source for information about stomach cancer can be found here.

Latest - 2010 Statistics

There were approximately 21,000 new cases and 10,570 deaths from stomach cancer in 2010.

Current - American Cancer Society What's new in stomach cancer research and treatment?

11/01/10 - Awareness Month

For the 1st time ever, November 2010 has been recognized as STOMACH CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.

01/22/10 - USC News Predicting the Recurrence of Gastric Cancer

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