Community Partners/Sponsors

Thank You! Without the help of all our local partners and sponsors, the events within the Stomach Cancer Relief Network would not be possible. Their contributions and support are crucial to this organizations existence. With their support we are able to carry out our mission and get closer to our vision.

Fundraising Projects/Campaigns

Local businesses and schools in Clark County. We look forward to working with you throughout the year with various business projects and school fundraisers with incentives for students. Watch for all of our projects and events on our calendar below.

OCTOBER is our annual Halloween themed family event. End The Catastrophe is our awareness campaign which we hold an event in October that is enjoyable for all ages with food, entertainment, and raffle prizes. We partner up with a local business and raise money to help end the deaths of stomach cancer patients while bringing families together.

NOVEMBER is STOMACH CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. I'm Aware is our awareness campaign which we run school fundraisers in November in addition to working with local businesses to help spread the word of stomach cancer awareness by letting customers purchase our $1 awareness cards that are placed on display at the business with your name on it.

November School Fundraiser. I'm Aware is our fundraising program in which students raise money by getting small donations ($1-$5) from family and friends during a 1 week period. Please join us in acknowledging this important occasion so we can help those who need it most. The top class who gets the most donations are awarded a cupcake party for their classroom from our sponsor Retro Bakery.

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Make Cents is our fundraising program in which students bring their spare change to school during a one week period. The money we raise each year goes toward our mission/vision statements. The top classes who raise the most change are awarded pizza parties for their classroom from our sponsor Biaggio's Pizzeria.

read more on schools making cents

We need your help. Even though we are based in Las Vegas, you too can help us raise funds from any location by going online and clicking the become a fundraiser link. You would be accepting donations online on our behalf from strangers, family, friends, etc. You choose your own goals and run it as long as you like. This is a great way to be involved and help raise funds for a much needed cause.

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NOVEMBER is our annual Fall Sweepstakes. Each year we randomly select a winner from all entry methods and fly you and a guest to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun & entertainment. All the money we raise goes toward funding our future projects, grants, and stomach cancer research. You don't want to miss these opportunities while we can offer them. Pay it forward!

Current/Past Sweepstakes

Coming Soon 2013
September 16, 2011 - November 4, 2011 Vegas Escape 2011 Fall Sweepstakes

Calendar Of Events

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Current/Past Events

Images/Videos of past events. Please feel free to come out and participate in events as they are posted on the calendar before they are history. Use the left/right arrow keys at the bottom corners of the flyer to see past events. We look forward to seeing you soon!