How This All Came To Be. Within 4 months after giving birth to her son Noah on March 7, 2007, Yanira Mitchell found out she was already in stage IV of Stomach Cancer and had only 6 months to live. The pregnancy had masked the stomach cancer the whole time. Yanira, Marcus, and Noah's world was never the same again. After just a couple of days, Yanira and Marcus accepted the diagnosis, but not the prognosis. They decided if this cancer would be the ultimate thing that would take her life away, they would fight together, and do whatever was necessary to prolong her life since she had so much to live for. On the first day of chemotheraphy while Yanira slept, Marcus prayed for direction in what good God would like them to do from all of this. In that instant, a vision was given to Marcus to what needed to be done. It had become so clear because their finances were ruined and money was always tight to do just the easiest tasks like putting gas in a car, paying a phone bill, etc., etc. They both made a pact that as soon as she recovered, or if she passed away that this financial help given to others through a non-profit organization could assist the person with stomach cancer or the caregiver. Despite having radiation treatments, chemotheraphy, and her entire stomach removed, Yanira died in a hospice on September 6, 2008 at the age of 38 yrs. old. After months of detachment from the world, Marcus reentered the world of the living through social media. In April 2009, Marcus adapted the screen name GuyNSinCity on Twitter and started doing pay it forward with anything he had personally as well as fincially. 19 months later, Marcus got refocused on his true mission/vision and Stomach Cancer Relief Network Inc. was born November 22, 2010.

Mission Statement: Our mission at the Stomach Cancer Relief Network is to provide the person living with stomach cancer (gastric cancer), or the caregiver of the victim, some financial relief with a one-time grant to assist with any financial burdens that one incurs during this already difficult time.

Our Vision: Our vision at the Stomach Cancer Relief Network is to bring more awareness of the disease to the community by education, more research, and to live in a world where stomach cancer is no longer taking lives and destroying families.

E-mail: info@scrnet.org